Acai Chia Parfait

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal… the meme that says “sleep is a time machine to breakfast” is toooo real. To make the mornings less fussy and to avoid taking out a million things from my pantry and fridge before heading to work, I pre-freeze my smoothie & nice cream add-ins in an ice tray. The acai cubes I used for this recipe are a mixture of acai powder, greek yogurt and almond milk frozen into an ice tray. In the morning, I just pop them out and throw them into the food processor with a frozen banana & done.

Acai Chia Parfait
Makes 1 Large ParfaitΒ 


Chia Pudding
- 1/4 Cup almond milk
- 3 Tablespoons chia pudding
- 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Acai Nice Cream
- Acai Cubes (1 Tablespoon acai powder mixed with almond milk- frozen in an ice tray)
- 1 Frozen banana

- A few strawberries
- 1/4 Banana
- Golden raspberries, red currents, or whatever you want!

1. Night before - Mix up all of the chia pudding ingredients in a mason jar ... shake it really well.Β Refrigerate over night.Β 
2. In the morning - Blend all of the acai nice cream ingredients in a food processor or a powerful blender until smooth. (you may have to scrape the sides a few times & wait for the bananas to thaw a bit)
3. Assemble - Cut up the extra banana and strawberries into very thin slices. Press them against the walls of a very dry glass. Carefully scoop the chia pudding on the bottom, then scoop the nice cream in. Top with extra fruit - enjoy!

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